Tools for Students with Attention Needs

Hi Guys!

I received some questions about the best tools for students who need fidget spinners or other devices to help sustain their focus. Here are some of my all-time favorite tools for those students.

Bouncy Bands

These are my absolute favorite, as they allow students to move around without a lot of disruption to anyone else. The band wraps around the bottom of the legs of their seat, which allows them to move their feet against the resistance of the band.


The band is made of solid rubber and can last a while, so it’s well worth the investment. What I love about this particular tool is that it is helpful for students who have attention difficulties, anxiety, or sensory processing troubles. Bouncy Bands allow the student to have an outlet for their energy, calm themselves down, and release some of the sensory tension that their body is holding onto.

Honestly, even students who don’t have these particular needs love Bouncy Bands. There are similar brands that are more like big rubber bands, but in my experience they tend to break a little easier and I’ve found Bouncy Bands to be exceptionally well designed and made.

Fidget Rings

I actually wasn’t even aware of these until my student showed me hers. She needs a small tool that will her focus and deal with her anxiety. The ring goes around a finger and allows the student to quietly fidget by moving and sliding the pieces attached to the ring. This is something they can do under their desk or on top, whatever is most comfortable for the student.


Stress Balls

Some people love them and some people hate them. With any new tool, you have to give the student appropriate and useful guidelines. With the stress ball, they can use this under their desk or above it by gently squeezing the flexible material. Students with attention difficulties or anxiety can benefit from the stress release that this tool brings.

There are, of course, many different tools out there. These are just three of the most popular that I’ve found success with for my students. Each student is different and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different tools until you find the one that your student finds the most effective for his or her needs.

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