I am so sorry that I have been MIA this last school year. To be completely transparent, last year was rough. There were many hard days and I felt like I wasn’t in a good place to write and share ideas. I was teaching a new ELA class and there were many changes that happened in the class. The constant changes in expectations, left me feeling stressed and defeated. So, when the school year ended I was beyond excited and ready for some time to mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually get in a better place.

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This year my school is undergoing a major renovation, so my beautiful but oddly shaped room is gone and I am in going to be in a MUCH smaller space. I’ll post pictures and the transformation process.

I’ll be co-teaching 8th grade ELA this upcoming year. I am nervous but also getting excited at the opportunities this could create for my students. I’ll definitely be sharing how its going and lessons.

We have also started the foster parent journey and are on our way to being fully certified to foster kiddos. Our hope is to foster a sibling set and be able to adopt. We are currently preparing our home for kids and can’t wait to meet them.

I just started walking 2 miles and doing weights 6 days a week and I am loving it. I have energy that I’ve never had before. My goal is not about weight but about feeling strong. I am listening to podcasts and enjoying the time for me.

Upcoming Topics in the next BLOG posts 

-Caseload Set-up

-Classroom Set-up

-Teacher Wardrobe

-Classroom Management ideas

If there are any topics you’d like to see, please let me know. I want this to be a space where we can grow & learn from each other. 

So happy to be back and can’t wait to connect with you guys again. Have a great week and a last bit of summer.


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I am on IG more so feel free to check it out, my handle is sunflowersandsped Here is the link https://www.instagram.com/sunflowersandsped/?hl=en

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