About Me

Hi Friends and Teacher Peeps,

My name is Crystal, and I currently teach as a Student Support Specialist (RSP teacher) at a middle school in Southern California.

I started my journey in the education field over 11 years ago as a tutor and aide for students with moderate disabilities. I fell in love with tutoring students and the joy that came with helping them succeed. I loved it so much that I decided to change my major from music to liberal studies and never looked back. After completing my liberal studies undergrad degree, I went on to get my teaching credential and a Masters in Curriculum Design and Instruction.

I’ve worked as a resource specialist for students with mild to moderate disabilities in public school settings for five years, with an additional three years of experience as student support specialist in a private school setting. In addition to my current experience with middle school, I’ve also taught elementary grades and high school.

My hope is that this website will be a place where I can share some tips and advice I’ve learned along the way, as well as some mistakes and things I’ve learned the hard way. My dream is for this to be a resource that fosters collaboration between other SPED teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists, aides, ABA specialists,  school counselors, and ed therapists.

Feel free to contact me any time. I love connecting with other teachers and education professionals.

Also, here are a few fun details about me:


Subjects to teach: ELA Interventions

Animals: Penguins and sloths.

Book: My all time favorite book is Fahrenheit 451. It changed my life and opened my heart up to loving literature.

Color: So many, lavender, sea glass green, gray and yellow

Movie: Too many to choose. It really depends on my mood.

Food: Thai food, sushi, and poke.

Smells: Lavender and jasmine.

Flower: Sunflowers of course. I also love peonies and lavender.